In June 2022, the Women’s Art Museum of Canada launched the Diversité Feminine Diversity (DFD) project to increase the representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) women artists in the museum. Our goal over the next twelve months is to focus on BIPOC artists living in Alberta, Yukon, and Saskatchewan. We aim to publish these women’s stories online, in publications and in the museum, and to make the public aware of the significance of their contributions.

We are currently collecting information on women who identify BIPOC artists. Initially, we will select ten to twelve artists for more in-depth profiles for publication and develop educational packages. Our aim is to preserve these women’s heritage and stories, highlighting and expanding our knowledge of diversity through the artistic eye of femininity—a woman’s perspective. DFD will provide BIPOC women visual artists a long-overdue platform to display their art and bring awareness of their work, ideas, and traditions. We hope to inspire girls and women to increase their involvement in the visual arts, and by doing so, increase the public’s acceptance and understanding of their contributions. If you are a woman artist in a BIPOC community and you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Danielle at or WAM’s DFD Project Assistant at

Table of contents

Page 2 – Linda Ould: Walking with Linda
Page 3 – Donna Lynn Debassige Brinkworth: X-ray into Ojibwe art
Page 4 – Madhu Kumar: Rebuilding lives

Page 5 – Gloria Ho: From people to animals and back again
Page 6 – Elsa Robinson: From her people
Page 7 – Ravina Toor: coming soon