The Women’s Art Museum of Canada (WAM) / Musée d’art de la femme du Canada (MAF) remained steadfast through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic because of the support and involvement of its members. Thank you for helping make this happen and continuing to help! Our members play a key role in governance, public programs and financial support of the museum. They bring women’s artistic journeys to life, making these art contributions more relevant to the public and to future artists.

Voting members have the right to participate fully at WAM’s Annual General Meeting, to hold office, to receive publications and member notices, and to participate in events and membership exhibits. As part of WAM’s networking initiative, we are linking internet websites, FB, Instagram or other social media accounts of voting-members for those who would like to participate in the Members Art Map.

WAM memberships are $20 per year, and you can easily subscribe using our PayPal option or use our email to send us a direct bank transfer. No security questions needed. Our office will follow up with receipt and member benefits.

Views some of our artists members :



Marlena Wyman Monique Martin

Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki

Rayma Peterson Elaine Tweedy

Elvira Kravenkova

Sophia Podryhula-Shaw


Margaret Braun Barbara Paterson Christina Ignacio-Deines Adeline Rockett Barbara Pankratz

Verna McLean

Cassandra Allred Deborah Sears Marie LeBlanc