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The Women’s Art Museum Society of Canada (WAM) was incorporated October 2, 2006 under the Alberta Societies Act. WAM has a bilingual mandate. It is also known as le Musée d’art de la femme du Canada (MAF) in the Francophone community. Its goals are to open a museum that features Canadian women’s art and to build a collection that showcases the history of women in the visual arts in Canada. It was not until October 2015 that the museum took physical form in a small space rented from the Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta (RAFA) located in La Cité francophone in Edmonton’s Bonnie Doon area.

WAM’s mission is to build a substantial collection of Canadian women artists’ artworks that will preserve their heritage, educate the public and empower women to see themselves in history.

WAM fosters inclusivity and tolerance towards all communities. Through research, educational and interactive activities such as exhibits, workshops and community programming, WAM engages women to participate and share their unique history. Our small but growing collection validates the work of women in the visual arts. Our members and volunteers have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to realizing a space where women can see themselves in history, not just as a footnotes or short anecdotes, but as vital participants in this cultural sector.