Revised October 2017

To provide a public amenity by establishing and maintaining an art museum and gallery for the public, featuring the artwork of Canadian female artists;

To advance the public’s appreciation of the arts by producing public art exhibitions and presentations featuring the artwork of Canadian female artists, and by providing a forum for qualified female artists to exhibit and present their artistic works through participation in such events;

To advance education by providing workshops on topics relating to Canadian female artists, and to their place in Canadian history; and

To carry out activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.

Become a member

The Women's Art Museum of Canada / Musée d'art de la femme du Canada needs your support as member to continue developing the museum and our work—to showcase Canadian women's art and build a permanent collection for public viewing. Our small museum located in La Cité francophone in Edmonton now houses in its permanent collection our first artwork, a small oil sketch by Margaret Chappelle (1915-1992).

This progress was made possible through the help of our members, through their contribution of membership dues, the generous donation of their time and an active support of WAM / MAF programs. Please consider supporting the development of the museum by purchasing a membership. Membership privileges include the right to:

1) vote at Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings;
2) hold office on the Board of Directors;
3) receive communications and publications;
4) be listed on the website member’s link and WAM-e-News Member’s showcase.

Membership run from April 1 to March 31 and renewal notices are sent out at the beginning of March.

Individual Memberships $20

For a April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019 membership.

Donate time or resources

WAM is being developed in part through donated time, effort and resources from our volunteers, members, supporters and friends. Join this team and share your vision with us and the rest of the country. Or, support our efforts through a donation! WAM issues charitable tax receipts for any amout over $20. Donations can easily be made through Canada Helps, and this organization will issue charitable receipts (see form below).

Become a donor

  • Friend : $10 - $99
  • Sustainer : $100 - $249
  • Benefactor : $250 - $499
  • Museum Patron : $500+

DONATE through Canada Helps

The Society maintains a membership list as required by the Societies Act as well as a donor list. The lists are made available to the Board of Directors and Society members only when it is necessary for Society business, or if legislation requires the disclosure of this information. The Society does not sell or make available its membership or donor lists for other distribution or marketing purposes.