WHY Collect?

Why Collect?

A few months ago, on Halloween 2017 to be specific, the Women’s Art Museum of Canada was granted charitable status by the Canadian government. This was the first step in addressing the building of our museum collection. Our plan now is to begin the dialogue about collecting over the next few exhibits. We start by featuring what we do have.

In 2009, WAM hosted at the McMullen Gallery a show entitled Collecting; Collected; Collections where we asked artist, collectors and curators to share some of their prized collections and write about why they collected. Each woman had a poster with their photo and three of their artworks on a poster that explained their particular collection.

Why collect? incorporates a few of these posters and the artworks that are currently part of our museum collection. We feature two works from Margaret Chapelle’s estate, a print by Margo Lagassé and a small watercolour and pencil drawing by Violet Owen. This exhibit runs until March 2, 2018.

Past exhibitions from 2012 to 2016
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Northern Reflections / Réflexions du Nord
Barbara Pankratz

Her Self

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Her Self


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